Advancing the Gigabit Society

Rapidly deployable fiber solutions. EdenNETWORKS rollouts with minimal resident disruption, at a low cost per subscriber connection.


Getting More Out of Your Fiber Network

EdenNetworks broadband enables operators to leverage existing fiber infrastructure to expand residential services while entering the premium business services market.


MOSAIC Platform

EdenNetworks intuitive platform lets you solve issues and expand your options yourselves. We provide peace of mind for network owners and operators with exceptional framework platform.

EdenNETWORKS is highly experienced system innovator that offers
dedicated end-to-end infrastructure and network solutions that ranges
from system designs to maintenance support

What is Open Access Network?

Open Access Network, also known as ‘OAN’ is a network that is open for everyone to use, from individuals living in rural communities to large corporations in the heart of the city. It should comprise a cost effective and high-speed quality broadband service available to every sector of society.

An open access network is designed to create a scenario where wholesale access is provided to electronic communications network infrastructures or services on terms that are reasonable, effective, transparent and non-discriminatory.


OAN is also seen as the most effective way to set up next-generation broadband in low population density areas, where service providers cannot get a sufficient return from investment. It is where a cable operator provides data service to multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and a horizontally layered network that separates physical access to the network from the process of preparing and equipping a network of new services for new users.


SDN “The Next Big Thing”

The internet industry is possibly one of the fastest and most innovative in the world and because of this it is always on the lookout for processes that do things a little better, smarter, cheaper and more efficiently. One of these innovations is Software-Defined Networking, or SDN for short.

What Does SDN Offer?

Simply put, SDN transforms a network infrastructure into an adaptable, programmable resource that operates under a centralised control function. This should result in a network that offers:

▪ Deterministic network behaviour
▪ Simplified network planning
▪ Simplified network operations
▪ Enhanced virtualization
▪ Optimum levels of multitenancy

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